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Compulsory Purchase

Olden Property Consulting provides specialist expert advice in relation to the compulsory purchase of land and property.

Compulsory purchase is a land assembly tool used to bring forward infrastructure and regeneration projects whereby land can be acquired without the agreement of the seller. Compulsory purchase is a complex area of surveying and can create uncertainty to those affected.

With extensive experience in working for both promoters and those affected by a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO), Olden Property Consulting provide clear advice to clients to ensure they are fully informed from the outset of the CPO process.

It is important to take early advice once you become aware of the threat of compulsory purchase. Olden Property Consulting’s expert, timely advice will minimise the disruption caused by a CPO and protect a future claim for compensation.

We provide advice to residential and commercial property owners and occupiers from the date they become aware of the threat of compulsory purchase through to the final settlement of a compensation claim.

Although not exhaustive, the following list is an overview of our services:

• Advice in advance of a Compulsory Purchase Order

• Advice on the rights available to you

• Advice of statutory blight

• Negotiating of access licences and surveys

• Objecting to Compulsory Purchase Orders

• Responding to Statutory Notices

• Property valuation

• Compensation claim assessment, preparation and negotiation

• Negotiating of option and compromise agreements

• Assistance with identification of suitable relocation premises

• Act as expert witness at Upper Tribunal

What should you do if you receive notice of a Compulsory Purchase Order?

Contact us as soon as possible to talk through your options and the best course of action to protect your assets. We’ll provide a free initial consultation to discuss any queries you may have.

Our recent compulsory purchase experience includes:

• High Speed 2 (HS2)

• Crossrail

• Croydon Whitgift Centre regeneration

• South Oxhey regeneration Scheme

• Brent Cross regeneration scheme

• West Bromwich Town Centre regeneration

• Thames link programme

• LONDON Olympics 2012

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